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My Dog

J.O. asks from Chicago

i have a 11 month old male pitbull he pees all the time inside the house i really love him but this cant continue


Dog Owner Question About Walking with Your Dog

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

I have only been a dog owner for about 6 months now. We inherited a sweet 2 year old cattledog- who needs lots of exercise because she's bred to be herding cattle an...


How to Introduce a Dog to My Cats That Have Never Been Around a Dog?

A.E. asks from Dallas

I am thinking about adopting a dog from a shelter. She is in a house that has cats and they are used to dogs. I have 2 cats that are NOT used to dogs, never been arou...


Outside Dog Is Slowly Becoming and Inside Dog

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

Due to my husband's soft heart for all things living, our enormous 70 lb outside dog is slowly becoming our enormous 70 lb inside dog. He's actually really good in th...


Toddler Won't Stop Feeding the Dog

B.C. asks from Norfolk

My 15 month old daughter will not stop giving her food to the dog. My dog won't take food away from her, he knows better than that, she readily gives it to him. Durin...


Question Regarding a New Dog

E.B. asks from Honolulu

My dd's psychiatrist has recommended that she get an Emotional Support Animal, and is willing to write all the official letters and fill out the required forms. Dd f...


Should I Feed My Dog Human Food?

P.S. asks from Washington DC

This is a debate in my home - should we feed our dog human food or stick to the dog food? Our dog is a little overweight but generally healthy. Is it okay to give him...


What Arrangements Do You Make for Your Dog When on Vacation?

S.R. asks from Denver

We occasionally go on short weekend trips (3-4 days usually just 3 nights). We have a new dog, we're trying to figure out possible arrangements and the different po...


What Kind of Dog Does Your Family Have?

B.H. asks from Minneapolis

We are in the market to get a puppy! We aren't too breed specific and think a med-large dog is best due to our almost three year olds roughness. What kind of dog do y...

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  • your local humane society in 2 answers "PLEASE consider adopting a family pet from your local humane society."
  • feed a dog human food in 2 answers "... a BARF diet that's fine, but otherwise of course you don't feed a dog human food."
  • nutro natural choice in 2 answers "We give our dog Nutro Natural Choice."
  • lab or lab mix in 2 answers "I would have to vote a lab or lab mix also."
  • processed dog food in 3 answers "... dog healthy human foods is much better then any canned or processed dog food ..."