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Dog Question

T.M. asks from St. Louis

Hi Moms! I know this is not really a question about my kiddo but I am hoping someone can help me out there. We have a terrier mix who has separation anxiety. We pu...


Depressed Dog?

M.. asks from Detroit

Long story short, he was a shop "guard dog" I accquired him about 4 days ago. But the shop is no more, which was his home. His rightful owner is my friend, and he a...


Could I Be Allergic to My Dog?

K.O. asks from Wichita

Please help me ladies! I have battled hives on and off. Last spring was the first episode and I think it was caused by stress. I took Zyrtec and although it basica...


Dog with Allergies

D. asks from Dallas

I'm asking this question for my sister. She has a dog, 3 yrs old (rottweiler & Masstiff mix) that has some sort of allergies. She's taken him to the vet & they sugges...


My Dog Has the Itchy's

O.M. asks from San Antonio

Hi, moms ,I have a question concerning my pet dog . I even wonder if I should asks this question on this site ? However here, goes anyway , and let me apologize befor...


Dog & Toddler

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas - My parents, who care for DS 2 days a week have a lovely 8 year old 80lb lab mix mutt, who is as sweet as can be, and very very patient. DS, 21 mon...


My Mom's Dog

C.W. asks from Las Vegas

My mom's dog is about 10 years old. She's a black cocker spaniel and still runs around like a puppy. Problem is, she has been pooping in the house. They got her a big...


Aggressive Dog

M.H. asks from Minneapolis

We have a 3 1/2 year old miniature pinscher that has recently become aggressive. It's typically food motivated. He also does not like strangers. I adopted him from...


Dog Question

C.Z. asks from Omaha

ok as you all know I am getting a puppy from BF. He will be a Weimaramer. Now I am going into like mini nesting mode. We pick him up Aug 11. I want to make sure I hav...


Dog and Baby

S.E. asks from New York

im expecting my first child this summer.. i have a 9 year old yellow lab .. hes a big boy 110lbs.. anyone that knows him says he is the weirdest dog theyve ever met.....

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  • looks like hes going to stomp in 2 answers "on dog treatment, if he looks like he's going to stomp, I would separate the two."
  • oatmeal shampoo baths in 2 answers "... short term the side effects aren't good either. The oatmeal shampoo baths ..."
  • purina beneful in 2 answers "She has food allergies for starters and can only eat Purina Beneful diets."
  • ask your doctor to test in 2 answers "... did until I was diagnosed only made my condition worse! Ask your doctor to test ..."
  • shop guard dog in 2 answers "... the breed, but if it is a working dog (and you said it was a shop guard dog ..."