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Our Dog Is Biting

O.L. asks from Los Angeles

I'm wondering if anyone's gone through the difficult process of finding a new home for a pet? Our dog has been going through nipping at the kids. I'm wondering if any...


New Dog

A.P. asks from Columbia

My husband and I just adopted a shelter dog today. He's 6 months old, potty trained, calm and easy going. He is a little anxious bc of new surroundings and he hasn't ...


Claustrophobic Dog

S.V. asks from Albuquerque

Hello, Now that it's getting cold, I'm looking for some ideas to keep my dog warm this winter. She is large and pretty much an outside dog - a bull in a china sho...


Toddler & Dog

S.Z. asks from New York

My toddler who is turning two next Friday might be allergic to my mom's dog, a cockapoo. He was been with the dog since he was born and now all of sudden he is always...


Does Your Dog Pout?

C.O. asks from Washington DC

My dog, Grady, pouts. yes, pouts....his bottom "lip" comes out and he sits on "his spot" on the couch giving us "the look" with his bottom lip sticking out. it is TOT...


Should I Get This Dog?

K.B. asks from Chicago

A friend is in a domestic situation and is seeking a home for her Labrador. I'm told she is good with children and people in wheelchairs. My husband is wheelchair-bou...


Barking DOG!!!!!!

G.R. asks from San Diego

I live in California (San Diego) and a new neighbor moved in with a dog that barks all day long right by my bedroom window. This is the second time this has happened....


Should I (We) Get a Dog?

A.D. asks from New York

I grew up with multiple pets in our family. I absolutely LOVE cats but my boys have asthma. We gave up our cat, well grandma took him in, when we learned our oldest ...


Where Do You Keep Your Dog?

L.G. asks from Atlanta

I just recently moved into a new house. I have a small dog (a shih poo). He is pretty much kinda potty trained. If I take him out he will use it BUT if not, he will u...


My Dog Has Allergies! :(

K.I. asks from Los Angeles

Hi All, My poor dog has allergies! To what we do not know yet. Next appointment we are having his Thyroid checked. For now we have him on a Lamb and Rice dog food,...

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