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Beagle Aggressive Behavior

My dog was never agressive to anyone but I still wouldnt trust them alone together. Personally I would get rid of him, who knows if training would even work ...

Getting Your First Dog

Sep 3, 2009 ... Im a professional dog trainer in the area and have a lot of experience with toy breeds such as Yorkies I started behavior work when I was at ...

Help! My Dog Bit My Son

This is not the dogs fault by any means, as a dog trainer of over 10 years, I see this more times than not. Dogs don't speak our language, they don't have ...

Aging Dog Going Blind and Deaf

Never leave him alone in the same area with another dog and never leave him alone with your kids. I strongly recommend crate training; it gives the dog a ...

Which Dog Breed - Schnoodle or Mini Schnauzer?

I love to train dogs so I'm looking for an intelligent dog who loves kids. Can you recommend any other small dog breeds or good breeders of schnauzers or ...

What Would You Do If Your Dog Bit Your Baby?

I would definitely not get rid of the dog. If he left a mark yes, totally. Train your dog new commands to use when he's around the baby and train your son ...

Dog Biting and Putting Down?

I did try calling a dog training service, but felt I would never be able to trust my dog again no matter what the training. Nobody would take him because he ...

How Do I Potty Train This New Puppy???

Depending on where you live, I could help you with all aspects of raising your new lab puppy. I'm a dog trainer providing in-home services to clients all ...

Alpha Female and Housebreaking and More

Crate training is the easiest way to housebreak a dog, and it helps keep them out of trouble by giving them their own space. Keeping them i the crate while ...

Dog Scratching Door at Night

May 28, 2009 ... those plastic rug runners are also great to put on couches to train your dog not to jump on the couch when you are not home. ...
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