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Shampoo for Dog

Melaleuca has a great line of dog products which are natural. Shampoo, vitamins and ... At first we purchased the brand of dog food that the vet sells. ...

Red Rash on My Son!!

Nov 5, 2009 ... It sounds like a food allergy. My daughter is allergic to latex, so things like ... so we think it partly had to do with an allergy to our dog. We changed his bodywash/shampoo, and detergent to all natural alternatives, ...

Healthy Hot Dogs...???

Mar 30, 2009 ... The health food store here in Grand Rapids carries a brand that I think is called ... Kowalski has an all beef hot dog with natural casing. ...

Need Help Getting Dog to Eat.

It is sweet and all natural if you find a good health food store.It calms the stomach and keeps gas from building up which is probably why your dog is ...

Seeking Pediatrician Who Is Alternative Medicine Friendly

I am still looking for a doctor that might offer more natural options if our son does get sick. .... dog food natural · alternative health ...

Dog Loosing Hair?

Try a better quality dog food to start with. Some swear by Purina One. .... She found a natural creme for dogs, I wish I could remember what it is called. ...

Throwing Food Overboard

She got a kick out of the dog eating her food if she dropped it ..... If you don 't want to spank, there's something called "natural consequences". ...

Silent Reflux?

Homeopathy is a great natural way to help. .... Do you have pets in the house, cat or dog maybe? ... cat food natural · upper respiratory infection ...

Pirate Party Food

Read all 15 responses: "Any ideas for food for a little pirates b-day party. ... It's all natural cheese popcorn. I think you can get snack size bags too! ... * Hot Dog Ships (spear a wooden skewer through a small piece of paper to make ...

Why Is My Dog Suddenly Peeing Everywhere?

Sep 29, 2009 ... He is now on $17 a bag food! I would definately take the dog to the vet- either .... There is a natural Bladder Support pill you can get. ...
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