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Dog Bit by Another Dog What to Do?

If the dog is not current then he/she should be quarantined by a vet for 10 days to see if any signs surface. This is something that your local Animal ...

Once House Broken Dog Needs Retraining After Move

It is definately not cruel to cage your dog all day. Most dogs actually find that more comforting that being in a big house all by its self. ...

Looking for a Good Dog Boarder or Sitter

They have a nice facility with A/C or heated indoor rooms and lots of outdoor space where the dogs can play in the day time. Our dog always seems excited to ...

Looking for New Dog Groomer in the Superstition Springs Area.

I have a ShiTzu as well and I travel from Queen Creek clear to Country Club and Main to get my dog groomed. I love this place. It is called "A day in ...

Help! My Dog Is Shedding Uncontrolably

Help! My Dog Is Shedding Uncontrolably. I have a 12yr old black lab mix who is shedding terribly. I vaccuum every day and come home from work to find piles ...

Dog Boarding

I heard pet paradise is great, they let your dog swim too but it can be expensive. My co-work pays around $30 a day. You might want to check with vets as ...

Seeking Going Rate for House/pet Sitting

They would really only need to be there in the am and pm to feed the dog and I want them to stay the night at our house. What is the going rate per day? ...

How Do I Tell My Four Year Old That His Grandparent's Dog Died?

The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker's family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last ...

Dog Smelling Couch

They have always had dogs, so the couches still smell like them. ... I will warn you that the couch will have to dry for about a day before you can sit on ...

Affordable Pet Boarding near Flower Mound?

We usually put two of our dogs in the same run which is a discounted rate. I think their rates are $15/day and then if there is a second dog in the same run ...
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  • canine country inn in 4 answers "T., I also use Canine Country Inn."
  • texas pet bed and breakfast in 2 answers "I can also vouch for Texas Pet Bed & Breakfast."
  • natures miracle in 2 answers "... would suggest going to the pet store and purchasing a bottle of Natures Miracle."
  • charges dollars in 3 answers "L., Well my mom does pet sitting and I believe she charges $15 a day."
  • 12 per visit in 2 answers "... to come in twice a day and not stay overnight, I've paid $24/day ($12 per visit ..."