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She is an outdoor cat and I already bought and put on a flea collar. ... causes them to hatch and if there is a cat or dog to feed on they rapidly multiply. ...

Laundering of Food, Feces and Spit-up Stains

This stuff will work great on your husband's soiled white shirt collars. .... My MIL used it on our son's stuffed white dog after I spilled some red wine on ...

English Mastiffs

You have to take special considerations with them (special collars, not having a small dog as well,) but the ones I have met are sweet dogs who are very ...

Oh Please Help!!!!

Today I came home from work to find fleas on my dog After bathing washing ... Try the collars or powder on the dogs & lice bedding spray less odor I have ...

Fleas Are Out of Control!!!!! Help!!!

We have treated our yard and they all have flea collars on. ... It is a pill that will start killing all fleas that your dog has on it within 30 min. ...

Indoor Cat with Fleas... Suggestions on Defleaing Her and House

Flea collars, pet store flea sprays, hartz, top spot and biospot do not work and .... We had the same issue (with a dog and 2 cats) and have open kitchen ...

Shock Collars

R.I. asks from Las Vegas

I am in process of getting a shock collar for my RoZee she is a rat terrior and loves to go visiting, every time I go to get her, she runs from me thinking I'm playin...


Help!! What to Do About Our Dog??

A.B. asks from Lincoln

Ok for all you animal lovers please don't be to hard on me, I will admit that I am not an animal lover!! And my hubby I am not sure what to do!! I have to gi...


My Dog Stinks!

A.B. asks from Kansas City

My dog rolled in something in my parents backyard. They don't have dogs, so I know it wasn't dog poop. I'm pretty sure it wasn't cat poop either. We have washed hi...

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