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Dogs Shedding hair...HELP!

... it will strengthen their coats and perhaps have less shedding well see how it ... G I suggest you and your husband start watching the Dog Whisperer You ...

Luna Carpets

... but the quality of carpeting was so low that it absorbed the oils from their coats. I vacuumed 3 times a week as I hate dog hair, so it wasn't that we ...

Hardwood Floor Finishes?

Our dog (60 lbs) has scratched the floors but, i'm not sure there is much ... did 2 coats of satin and one coat of semi- or gloss (can't remember) on top ...

How to Tell If a Child Is Allergic to Cats?

Apr 23, 2009 ... If she's with the dog more than 5-10 minutes her eyes itch and water. ... Their saliva dries on their coats and flakes off, ...

Getting Pet Urine Out of Hardwood Floor

It will help with housebreaking you dog too. It worked with my pugs. ... If you have 5 coats of poloyurethane on the floor, the pet stains will just wipe up ...

What to Do When "Rid" Isn't Getting Rid of the Lice??

try dog shampoo and at walgreens they have an battery operated shocking lice .... vacuumed the couch and rugs, and all pillows. and the coats, my daughter ...

Help My Daughter Won't Do Her Chores

A P.S. To all Moms of children that lose their coats and jackets~ 'tis the season! ... I told the story to my daughter and she has never neglected her dog. ...

How to clean hardwood floor?

Our house is hard wood floors throughout and with two cats, a dog, and a preschooler, .... You may have to do 3 - 6 coats the first time aroun. ...

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

It coats the floors not clean them and it makes the floor slippery. ..... a lot of wood floors and this thing really picks up the dust, dirt and dog hair! ...

Horrible Cat Smell in the Carpets

My cat went through a behavioral urinating problem when we got a new dog. ... After doing this we applied 2 coats of KILZ before laying new carpet and pad ...
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