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NEED ADVICE! Dog Lifting His Leg and Urinating on Things in the House!!

You are supposed to spray it out side where you want your dog to do their business or inside on paper. Well Amber by passed all those places and went every ...

Neighbors Dog

Personally I have enough work cleaning up my own dogs business, I don't want to clean up someone else's. If I were you I would first talk to the other ...

Seeking Dog Training Programs near Woodbury, Stillwater Area

My recommendation is Nancy Piotrowski with Top Tails Dog Training. She is a mom- owned business, with many years of experience and I believe she comes to you ...

Dog Boarding

Her business card is available at Gail's Groomerie or you can call them for details. I was coached to arrange for our dog to be bathed and trimmed at the ...

Housebreaking a New Puppy

Crate trainig is instinct, dogs do not do their business where they eat/sleep, so get him crate trained ifyou can't b with him all the time, and then take ...

How Do I Clean My Couches? They Smell like Dog! Ew!

Read all 9 responses: "How can I clean my couch and get the dog smell out? ... My mom's husband has a business where he does this. ...

Going Out of Town What to Do with Dog?

She was my dog before I married and she would even do that when I was gone on a business trip and my husband was still here. Check with your vet, ...

Need a Good Dog Groomer near Keller

She has a nitch for this and she is starting her own business. ... My dog sitter grooms ours. I take her their home specifically for her shedding problem ...

Puppy with Inguinal Hernia

It sounds like you've been doing business with a great breeder who has business and moral .... If I were you I would insist on a dog with no prior problems. ...

Dog Urine Burning My Lawn

We ended up creating a pea gravel area in our yard for both dogs. This way they do their business where we do not see the burn. good luck! Helpful? ...
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