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Looking for a Doctor...

L.B. asks from Washington DC

I am looking for a Doctor in the alexandria area. We have just moved here from Idaho two weeks ago and I am 5 months pregnant. I have been told that Inova is the on...


Doctor Needed

E.L. asks from New York

Hello can anyone recommend a good OBGYN. I am new to Hudson county and I need to try to find a doctor here that is good and that I can trust. It is so hard starting f...


Doctor Needed

S.J. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a Doctor that accepts Medicaid (Parkland Health First)& will see babies that haven't gotten all of their shots as I've refused some of them? I al...


How to Be Treated by Your Doctor.

D.D. asks from Pittsburgh

Brief background. 6 or so years ago I had heavy bleeding and all sorts of issues. Doc said we could do a hysterectomy and I said no, I would like to have more childr...


Eye Doctor

E.M. asks from Phoenix

I have terrible eyes but my husband has perfect vision. I started getting severe migraines in middle school which led to contacts. Turned out I had really bad vision...


Should I Go to a Doctor?

L.N. asks from Enid

I have been waking up each morning for the last several months with what feels like period or before period pain. I've also had some pain in my back that I used to ge...


Vision Doctor

J. asks from Phoenix

Has anyone had a good experience with a vision doctor for kids? My step-son is 7 years old and just had his eyes tested at his pediatricians office & we were told he...


Could the Doctor Have Been Wrong???

J.K. asks from Dallas

My daughter came home sick on Friday with one bout of vomiting and a fever. She had complained to me of a sore throat. I looked at her throat and I swear I saw some...


Doctor Fear

T.R. asks from Philadelphia

my 15 month old is terrifyed at the doctors office, she completely freaks out at the sight of the exam table or the nurse and doctor. To the point where they sometim...


Should I Take Him to the Doctor?

A.N. asks from Anchorage

Hi Everyone. My 5 year old is sick with a nasty cough and fever. Believe it or not this is his first time being sick with a cough.He has had colds and sinus problems ...

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