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Doctor's Orders

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

I'm intentionally leaving this very broad, but you could apply this for you or for your kids. Do you do everything your doctor recommends without question? Or d...


Doctor Recommendations

S.L. asks from Omaha

I am new to the Omaha area and am looking for a good family doctor and an OB/GYN. I would prefer female physicians in the SW Omaha area. Any suggestions? Any I should...


Doctor Recommendations

S. asks from Detroit

I am looking for new doctors for both me and my kids. I live in the Troy area very near to Troy Beaumont and not far from Crittenton. I know that doctors are very bu...


A Doctor for My Husband and I

M.D. asks from Austin

Our health insurance recently changed and the doctor we really like does not accept our the new insurance. We could go out of network and still see him, but we would ...


Homeoopathic Doctor?

A.W. asks from Minneapolis

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could recommend a Homeoopathic doctor? Distance is not a problem - I would just like to find someone who has great references. It would ...


Knee Doctor?

A.K. asks from Dallas

My husband is a lifelong runner, and his knee now hurts so that he can't run. Who do you even go to for that? We have Aetna and don't need a referral, but he doesn'...


Homeopathic Doctor

A.A. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a good homeopathic doctor in the DFW area for my 4 year old whose allergies and asthma have stopped responding well to daily meds? Please help!


Eye Doctor

P.E. asks from Dallas

I am looking for an good eye doctor in mckinney area. I would like someone that also has a good selection of frames, it seems you don't see many no matter where you g...


Doctor While Breastfeeding?

E.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, I'm stumped...which doctor do I see for myself while I am nursing? The OB, general practioner or someone Ihaven't though of? I need someone who can prescribe ...


Looking for a Doctor

H.B. asks from Denver

Hello, I recently moved to Boulder and away from an OBGYN that was wonderful. Its time for a yearly check up and I am looking for another great doctor in the Boulder ...

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