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Advice on Decorating Doc Band

J.S. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms. I am looking into painting my son's Doc Band and just wanted some input from those of you that have done this yourself. I was just wondering if you could l...


4 Month Old Getting Doc Band

J.S. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms! One of my twins will be getting a Doc Band, that wonderful helmet to fix his head shape. I've been told that this is very common. Can you guys that have g...


Undescended Testicles and Surgery

L.C. asks from Peoria

My son who will be 5 months next week, his left testicle has not dropped. The Urologist has not found that one yet. He is scheduled to go for surgery on April 22 to s...


Seeking Advice on Cranial Helmet for 9 Month Old

J.B. asks from San Diego

My 9 month old daughter's head is still slightly flat on the right side and now her forehead on that side bulges a little more than the left side. Nobody but my husb...


Ideas for Removing Plantar Wart on Children's Feet

K.K. asks from Erie

Looks my 6 yo has a plantars wart under his big toe from our trips to the pool this summer. I googled a little bit and got some ideas of duct tape for 2 months or ...


Halloween Costume ideas....HELP !!

K.L. asks from Kansas City

My daughter and I got invited to a halloween party this year and we have to dress up. I need some unique costume ideas for me to wear. All the adult costumes in store...


Help with Molluscum Lesions on 1 Year Old Daughter

A.C. asks from Orlando

Hi, my 17 month old daughter has been diagnosed with having molluscum lesions on her. She started out with having a few tiny bumbs on her upper lip, those tiny bumbs...


Three Year Old Son in a Leg Cast

M.H. asks from San Diego

My three year old son just got a cast on his leg. Although it is a walking cast, the doctor told me that he can not bathe, swim, go on any play structures or in any ...


Tips for Building Confidence and Self Esteem for My 7 Year Old Boy

M.H. asks from Las Vegas

Hello Moms/Dads, I am looking for some tips and advice on how I can build up my sons confidence and self esteem. I want my son to know that people are not good at ...


SAHM Losing My Sense of Self

S.O. asks from Reno

I need some advice. My husband and I have been having a very difficult time the past few months. We have 2 kids (2.5 yrs and 8 months). I'm starting to feel that i...

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