do pacifiers cause buck teeth

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Can Pacifier Cause "Buck" Teeth?

It said pacifiers cannot cause buck teeth - unless they are still used excessively ... I also feel that whatever damage it might do can always be fixed with ...

2 3/4 Year Old Totally Dependent on Pacifier- How Do I Wean??

Do discuss... suggest... and wait. He'll come to it all on his own if you talk about it rather than mandate it. ..... Can Pacifier Cause "Buck" Teeth? ...

Pacifier Weaning?

I feel like you do - it kills me to see a 4 year old kid walking around at the grocery store with one in his mouth. .... Can Pacifier Cause "Buck" Teeth? ...

How Did You Get Rid of the Pacifier?

Oct 3, 2009 ... Read all 44 responses: "I am not sure how to do this. ... My daughter had her pacifier until she was three, and her teeth are perfectly straight. ..... Oh, and I played clarinet and saxophone and people said I'd get buck teeth. ..... make her make the choice cause they don't have the conception of ...

When Is the Best Time to Cut off the Pacifier?

He is not really a pacifier baby. But he is very reliant on it to put ... I would say to do it whenever YOU think. ... Can Pacifier Cause "Buck" Teeth? ...

Tips on Breaking the Pacifier Habit

The doctor's concern is that the pacifier will cause palate occlusion (sp)? .... That beats a pacifier, it won't do any harm to their teeth or anything else! ..... teeth can become buck like. The top teeth in the front will stick out. ...

Baby Won't Even Take a PACIFIER!!

He has awful buck teeth now because of it and being that he has autism there is no way I'll ... You should enjoy the sweet sounds your baby is making now cause when he is a ..... My daughter never wanted anything to do with a pacifier. ...

Thumb Sucking

Do you use a pacifier? I did with all three- then when it came to going to daycare .... and others end up with overbites, buck teeth and expensive braces. ... but early pacifier and thumb-sucking should not cause long term problems. ...

Pappie Binkie Nuk What Ever You Want to Call It

At What Age Do You Get Your Daughter's Ears Pierced? ... I do not agree that a baby should get their ears pierced. ... Can Pacifier Cause "Buck" Teeth? ...

Help with When to Give U Binkie (Pacifier).

Jul 28, 2009 ... I think this issue causes much more anxiety in us as parents than it does for the kids. I have 4 children and they all used pacifiers My ...
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