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I am a pretty strong person and my children and I will be o.k. I will see to that. I am the product of divorce as well. I put this out because I feel for ...

My Marriage Is Done and Having to Consider Divorce, Something I Wanted to Avoid

As a child of divorce, I have to say it was easier once they finally did it. As long as you do not bash your husband in front of the kids, and think of them ...

Mom of 2 Working Through Divorce- Thinking of Relocating

Oct 11, 2009 ... He punished me by not paying child support and every other crappy thing you can think of. I filed for divorce, I began the mediation process ...

Highly Qualified Divorce Attorney in the San Antonio Area

I am seeking the services of a divorce attorney that can help me. I have 4 small children and have been married 17 years. My husband had an affair with a ...

Husband Just Filed for Divorce and Looking for a Job

Read all 5 responses: "My husband has just asked for a divorce. We recently bought a very nice house in Plano but could ... Facing Divorce with Two Children ...

Husband Wants Divorce, and the Reason Sucks!

The divorce rate is exceptionally high in families that lose a child. Find a support group, like Compassionate Friends, or something similar. ...

Need Good Divorce Lawyer, FAST!!

i am in the middle of a divorce. my soon to be ex is unemployed and trying to get out of paying child support, spousal support and health care costs because ...

Parenting Teen/ Divorce Issues

I will be divorced 2yrs this June I have 2 lovely children a girl 13 and a boy 9 Understandable after the divorce my daughter has started to act out It ...

Give Me Some Strength, Moms

Analyze your schedule and purposely carve in time for you and your kids, there is no such thing as a smooth and painless divorce, especially for children. ...
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