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Preteen Taking Zoloft

You may also want to try Lexapro it is used for depression and general anxiety disorder and works well also. Hope this helps. Helpful? ...

Having Difficult Time with Oldest Son

He has pervasive developmental disorder, generalized anxiety, ADHD and suspected bipolar disorder. Either that or he's just a mean kid. ...

3 Y/o Sensitive Ears

Also him not wanting to go some places that have "too many people" may be anxiety. My 8 year old has generalized anxiety disorder. ...

Anxiety During pregnancy..."Natural Help"

Apr 23, 2009 ... (I was taking it for anxiety/OCD) I couldn't get an appt. to see my OBGYN right away, .... food natural · Anxiety Disorder ...


What I know about it is that it is classsified as an anxiety disorder. I would call your insurance and find a child psychiatrist for an evaluation, ...

14 Month Old Is Having Major Separation Anxiety

Perfect age for a new kind of seperation anxiety...the if Mommy is not in sight, .... separation anxiety · world gym · 14 weeks · social anxiety disorder ...

Mommy's Health

OK I have post traumatic stress syndrome acute panic disorder and anxiety I take Celexa for depression Alprazolamxanax for anxiety The celexa is part of my ...

Looking for Help with Bipolar Disorder - and Can You Be Insured Again?

I suspect that my husband may be suffering with "soft" bipolar disorder, where the mania manifests more as irritability and anxiety rather than euphoria. ...

Stranger Anxiety in a 3 Month Old?

Hi C., my daughter was 4 months old when she developed stranger anxiety and I was ... social anxiety disorder · now 3 · book of the month · child anxiety ...

Help with Depression

I personally take Zoloft for an Anxiety disorder and it changed my life. I now don't want to call 911 thinking I am dying anymore. ...
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