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Dress Ups

You know the dresses you can get at Disney store and at Walmart/target? Well, they can't be washed, they aren't finished at the bottoms, and tear easily? ...

Coordinating Halloween Costumes for Two Girls

If you have one near you The Disney store, or even a Halloween super store might have good ideas. Most likely my son will want to be a firefighter for the ...

First Disneyland Trip!!!

Before i worked there i would go to the disney store at the mall and buy them a stuffed animal and the autograph book, sometimes they even have the light up ...

Need Advice on Flying with My 4 Yr. Old

Read all 14 responses: "I will be flying to Disney and need to know what I can do about the ears popping with my 4 ... Disney Store · things to do at disney ...

Christmas Gift Idea for 2 Year Old Boy

Check out the disney store online. They usually have great gifts. I got one of my kids for his 4th christmas a rocking Simba. It was around $100, ...

4 Yr Old Disney Princess Party

A nice table centerpiece can be made using a disney princess gift bag. ... We then had tea (I got real china cups and saucers from a thrift store for 25 ...

Birthday Gift for a 5 Year Old

My nephew around that age loved getting anything that was Pirates of the Caribbean. The Disney store has some great playsets for this. Good luck! Helpful ? ...

3 Yr Old Princess Party

Maybe dress her up as Cinderella ( Disney Store has outfits) and ask her friends to dress up as princess, nothing fancy. You can get princess stuff from the ...

HELP - Halloween Costume Ideas for Daughters 2 Years and 8 Months

I got both costumes really cheap closer to Halloween at the Disney store online. I was looking for a blue nightgown so I could be Wendy when we all went ...

Need Advice on Airplane Travel

Also, we went to the Disney store at home and bought some Princess shirts, etc., when they were on sale, so you don't have to buy shirts there, ...
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  • during take off and landing in 3 answers "... would just give her apple juice or something to drink during take off & landing."
  • portable dvd player in 3 answers "I bring a portable DVD player and they watch their favorite movie or cartoons on DVD."
  • just got back from disney in 2 answers "We just got back from Disney World this morning with our almost 3 year old!"
  • cheap dress up clothes in 2 answers "I would try getting fun and cheap dress up clothes at garage sales and even better ..."