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Looking for a Good Cruise Line/destination for Travel with Kids

Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. A.R. answers from Philadelphia on December 02, 2008. Disney Cruise maybe? Helpful? ...

Help Planning a Vacation

I thought the girls would enjoy Disney. My parents think a family cruise would ..... I would suggest a Disney Cruise, as well. My friend and her family are ...

Seeking a Dream Vacation with My Children

I've wanted to take my daughter on a disney cruise ever since I had her... although people have told me that the disney ones are a waste of money, ...

What Is the Best Cruise Vacation???

I've been on Royal Carribean and Celebrity and Celebrity was by far the best.... However.. My cousin just took her two kids on the Disney Cruise line and she ...

Vacations Destinations with Kids

I have heard the Disney cruise is great for all ages! The rooms are small so we opted for 2 rooms right across the hall from each other. ...

Whole Familiy Cruise

It really depends on the cruise line. we did the Disney cruise and there was a lot to do on board, but not so much for those under 3-ish. ...

Should We Take Our 2-Year Old Son on a Cruise?

My husband, my daughther, my step-daughter, and I went a Disney cruise last year . We left our 2 year old behind and I regreted it. ...

Seeking Advise on Disney's Vacation Club

The quality of resorts with Disney is excellent. We have stayed at the boardwalk several times. We took the Disney Cruise with my parents last year. ...

Mom Wanting to Take Her Toddler on a Cruise

I heard on the Disney cruise a nanny is assigned to your child, how does this work ... My husband took our son on a Disney cruise when he was 23 months old. ...

Recommendations on Kid Friendly/fun Vacation

We were thinking of taking them on a Disney Cruise but that was just one idea so ..." ... The Disney cruise is a total blast. If you are able to go , do go, ...
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  • beach club villas in 2 answers "Our Home resort is Beach Club Villas."
  • disney cruise line in 2 answers "I took my daughter on the Disney Cruise Line when she was 3 and she had a great time ..."
  • check with the cruise line in 2 answers "Ask your sister to check with the cruise line."
  • did the disney cruise in 2 answers "It really depends on the cruise line. we did the Disney cruise and there was a lot ..."
  • been on several cruises in 2 answers "I too have been on several cruises, but only one with my husband's four kids."