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Wedding Guest Dress Help!

N.R. asks from Chicago

I am going to a wedding in FL this summer, country club fancy, evening. Obviously hot. (Tho probably indoors with air-co) I'm coming up short finding a dress. I want ...


Crawling? When Should It Start?

L.D. asks from New York

Hi, My son is going to be 8 months next week and still has not started or even shown signs of crawling. He can lift his upper body up, but has not desire to get on ...


Cheaper Airfare?

M.G. asks from Las Vegas

I checked all the airlines at their websites. Then I went to Their price was the most expensive! American Airlines was cheaper than cheap air! I...


Recommendations for Las Vegas

M.C. asks from Dallas

I am considering taking my husband on a weekend getaway to Las Vegas to celebrate our anniversary. Neither of us have ever been there, though, and thus I am looking ...


10 Month Old Alergic to New Carpet and paint....need Suggestions Please.

M.P. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms. We just moved to a new place and only a day before we moved in they put in new carpet and painted. My son instantly got watery eyes, runny nose, a little tic...


Seeking Advise on How to save Money to Go to Universal Studios in FL

S.C. asks from New York

Does anybody has any ideas on how to save for tickets to Universal Studios? there is 5 of us and I find it very expensive, plus besides the hotel and air fare, you gu...


Allergies to Dust Mites, Please Recommend a Good Vacuume Cleaner

L.N. asks from Chicago

I have really bad allergies to dust mites and we have to clean and vacuume every week. We bought a shark infinity nv30 2years ago and it no longer works. The hose ...


Terrible Rash, Please Help!

C.T. asks from Cleveland

Dear Moms, My almost 6 month-old baby girl have never had a rash before, but now it started and it is terribly strong! I have being introducing her to new foods and ...



C.C. asks from Los Angeles

My 10 month old daughter has eczema on the backof her legs. It has gotten bad inthe last few days, to where she will not sleep at night unless I am holding her. I h...


Help Budgeting

S.K. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms- My husband and I just got the horrible news that he will be losing his job within the next 60 days. Although he has time to look for another job before thi...

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