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Anyone Have a Saturn - Love It or Hate It?

C.C. asks from Chicago

Our lease on our current car is up in February. We currently drive a Saab 9-3 Sedan. We had a great deal on it, but cannot get the same deal on a new one. We could...


What Should I Do? Husband's Mom Diagnosed with Cancer 2Nd Time Now in Her Blood

J.B. asks from Phoenix

Hi there, my husband has not seen his mother in 6 years and received a phone call from his older brother that mom was diagnosed with cancer again but this time it is ...


Wisconsin Dells Coupon Book

C.W. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, We are visiting the Wisconsin Dells the week of July 18-23rd. I have not yet purchased the coupon discount book. We have been to the Dells before but ...


EMERGENCY: A/C Not Cooling

M.D. asks from Houston

Hi to all my fellow moms out there. I am in need of some assistance. My A/C has just stopped cooling. It still is working cause it turns on and and I feel the air ...


Traveling with 17 Months Old on Lap on International Trip - Advise Needed Pls!

H.H. asks from Portland

Me and My husband is going to China with our then 17-month-old son this Nov. We are going to be on two flight, one for like 3 hours and the other one for about 15 hou...


Diaper Pail Recommendations?

C.M. asks from Janesville-Beloit

We currently use the Safety First Odorless Diaper Pail. That pail was okay at first for keeping in the smell, but lately, it hasn't been doing it's job. We have cha...


Help with a Gassy Baby

C.H. asks from San Antonio

I have a 5 week old son who seems to have colic and bad gas. I think he is drinking too fast and gulping air but the Dr. Brown's bottles are not much of a help. The ...


Seeking Advice About How to Treat Preemie with Horrendous Sores on Her Bottom

A.M. asks from Grand Rapids

My preemie developed a few really bad sores on her bottom while in the NICU. They said it is because of sensitive skin they shouldn't be exposed to the world yet the...


Cradle Cap

S.W. asks from St. Louis

My 3 and a half month old boy has had cradle cap for the past two months. I think it is due to the cold dry air, and perhaps some sensitive skin. I have tried takin...


Anyone Recently Replace an 2-Ton AC Unit?

B.R. asks from Madison

and if so what did it cost for the unit, and then labor. and how long did it take to install I am getting some quotes that are driving me I find online...

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