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Listening Ears?

Oct 10, 2009 ... Husband just wants to use strict discipline to address, with her that often makes it worse. Now she has an a little attitude and still doesn't listen. ;) Is ...

Any Recommendations on a Good Parent's Discipline Book?

I'm having sudden discipline problems with both my 4 year old girl and 7 year old boy. I believe it's because my husband and I aren't consistent in our ...

Can a 4 Year Old Be "Depressed"??

AND because you mention that you and your husband are BOTH perfectionist -- listen to what ..... disciplined husband · bump stuff · bump on the back of head ...

Children's Behavior Better with Dad than Mom

I dont know if that's the case of course but I know that I tend to discipline my kids for things that my husband doesnt clue into If you think that might be ...

Gluten Free Husband

Read all 15 responses: "My husband was recently diagnosed wtih ciliac disease. ... but if you learn and stay disciplined, you might be able to reduce your ...

Seeking Help with Disciplining My Son

My son has also hit kicked spit and bitten my husband and I At first I was ... his Have you ever been disciplined by someone speaking say Spanish where you ...

How Do I Handle a Touchy Situation with My Best Friend Regarding Her Son?

When she spoke to her sister and husband about this they told her that a real friend would never talk about disciplining their children and that a real ...

My Friend's Child Is Horrible

Oct 10, 2009 ... friend and husband are smart people they do not discipline their ..... this dysfunctional situation If she does not get disciplined her ...

Education Questions?

... starting daycare about 4 months agoThat is my husbands debate But I feel like .... Personally I feel that kids need to be disciplinedlovedtaught at home ...

How to Transition from Working to Staying Home?

Well, my husband and I have been thinkging..." ... for the benefit of your family Being disciplined to put your priorities in order and letting that reflect ...
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