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Mother-in-law Trouble

Does she qualify for disability? If her medical problems keep her form .... If she has some kind of disability she should be elidgible for federal ...

Help for Learning Disabled Son

There is an organization in Abilene called Disability Resources begun in .... We have a son with similar disability. He is now 38 y/o and works for WalMart. ...

12Yo Having Problems in English and Latley Math

His teachers are aware of his disabilities and have already made some changes to help him out, but they can only make so many changes and still be able to ...

Question on Testing for Dyslexia

School systems, in any state, recognize 14 different disability categories. ... Dyslexia is a very specific reading disability that falls under "learning ...

Leaving the Workplace

After that, you're given six weeks of disability for a vaginal birth and more ... Pregnancy Disability also pays you a total of 6 weeks after the baby is ...

Seeking Advice on Steps to Get My Son Tested for a Learning Disability

Hello Moms, I truly beleive that my son has a disability in learning.I have been struggling with keeping him the correct grade level for years. ...

Does Anyone Out There Know About SSI for Adhd Children

There are two requirements for SSI - it's a needs based program so you have to meet 1) income and resource requirements, AND 2) a disability requirement. ...

5-Year Old Needs Cognitive Learning Skills

The school will not test her for a learning disability until she's in ... If your daughter is diagnosed with a learning disability, or is shown to have a ...

Not Returning to Work After Maternity Leave: Best Way to Handle It?

Pregnancy Disability and Family Medical Leave ... Cigna Short-term Disability Insurance for Childbirth/caring for Newborn ...

Unmotivated 12 Year Old

Look into the learning disabilities. Maybe he is unmotivated because it ... If the doc said he doesn't need meds, maybe he has a mild learning disability. ...
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