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Looking for a Good Kinder Curriculium

Im afraid of missing things to teach him like dinosaurs or other things they .... You can also pick a theme (like dinosaurs) and head to the library to ...

4 Year Old "Potty Trained" Daughter Is Frequently Peeing in Her Pants

He likes dinosaurs, so when I notice him doing "the dance," I will observe that there is a line of dinosaurs waiting to use the bathroom. ...

Ideas Needed for 6Yr Old Son B-day Party

We hid trucks, dinosaurs, plastic snakes, etc. You could bury hidden treasure for a Pirate theme. We also provided hard hats, which can be found online or ...

Best Toys Out There for a 3 Year Old??

My son is extremely active, loses interest fast in toys if they aren't that interesting, he loves dinosaurs, he loves to climb and jump. ...

Very Loud 3.5 Year Old

Give him time to do his own thing but explain to him that dinosaurs need time to sleep and ... Don't tell him yet but, does he know dinosaurs are extinct? ...

Plastic Toy Trees, Etc

Target had dinosaurs in the dollar isle- one pack had a little tree in it. ... I have seen the little sodiers and dinosaurs at the dollar tree. ...

Good Presents for 2 Year Old

There are dinosaurs and cars for boys and princesses and doll house for girls. For each of the grand kids first Christmas my parents bought the farm. ...

Sleeping Arrangments???

I told her that mommy did not allow dinosaurs in the house. They would be in big trouble and have to sit in the naughty chair if they tried to come in. ...

"Are We Almost There?" Activities

Then I printed out some of my son's favorite dinosaurs & cars onto magnet ... I' ve had dinosaurs driving cars going through the city kind of stories. ...

Lots of Help!

I found a company that will come and decorate the lawn with dinosaurs and a ... And if you need dinosaurs and a sign, I'm sure I can find a company to make ...
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