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Help with Son's 'Food Sensitivies'!! Leaky Gut??

I was told that "colic" is really an allergy/digestion problem. While my son wasn't crying for 3 or more hours non-stop...he was definately uncomfortable ...

Tums for Toddlers

If your child is having problems related to digestion or stomach upset .... I work with quite a few children, as well as adults, with digestive problems. ...

Encopresis Options/ Naturopath?

She is absolutely TOPS in treating digestive problems. Probably finding out what's wrong from a Naturopath is the best way to go, because the Encopresis ...

Vomiting 20 Month Old

Digestive problems are difficult, but if not taken care of, can cause toxins in the system to the degree that they interfere with learning. ...

Switching from Milk Based Formula to Soy

Very expensive, but didn't seem to cause them any digestive problems. The hospital started my daughter on that, and she never had tummy problems. ...

What food should I eat for gallbladder issues?

I am 53 and after extensive test by different doctors for gallbladder, digestive tract, and female problems I followed the instructions given on the above ...

Toddler Constipation

Then doctors prescribe laxitives instead of probiotics, treating the symptom not the cause of the digestive problem. Probiotics are found in small amounts ...

Infamil vs Good Starts

The doctor said that they were just as good as the rest if your child doesn't have any digestion problems. They even have it with the dha and ara that is so ...

Question About My Babies Stools

I just went to the chiropractor today and she asked me about the kids digestion. .. my are fine but if you have ony problems I would recommend seeing a ...

Explosive Diapers

I know for myself as well when I am having digestive problems adding in yogurt really helps with that. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...
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  • stay away from fatty foods in 2 answers "As for what else to eat or not eat, stay away from fatty foods and salad."
  • pear or prune juice in 2 answers "... won't take it straight try and sub and 1/4 to 1/3 of the pear or prune juice ..."
  • had gallbladder problems in 3 answers "I had gallbladder problems in 2006 and had to have my removed."
  • diary of what he eats in 2 answers "I would also start keeping a diary of what he eats and his bowel movements to see ..."
  • 100 percent juice in 2 answers "... instead of wheat). When it's warmer out, offer her popsicles made of 100% juice ..."