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6X Slim vs 6 Slim

B.F. asks from Toledo

Can anyone tell me what the difference is in girls sizes 6x slim and 6 slim??? Would the inseam be the same? The length? Kim yes i thought so too, i was under the...


Size Difference, Fit?

B.G. asks from Birmingham

This is a silly question but what is the difference in a girls size 6 and girls size 6x? I'm sure it differs from brand to brand.....is it a difference in length?


How to Get a 6 Month Old to Eat??

M.M. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas, My DS just turned 6 months. After her doctor's appointment yesterday, our Ped said that I need to get her to eat more, rather that taking so much formula (...


6 Year Old Who Has Been Stopped up and Congested for Years

C.R. asks from Raleigh

My 6 year old daughter seems to be stopped up all the time. She seems to have trouble breathing at night when she sleeps(snores loudly and almost gets choked while tr...


6 Month Old in Negative 3% for Weight

K.T. asks from Dallas

It's a long story -- but when I was pregnant with my daughter, she started to decline in growth at around 30 weeks. At 39 weeks I was sent for an emergency c-section...


6 Month Old Breaking Out in Hives

D.L. asks from Fort Collins

Recently, my son has been sick with the typical cold type virus going around. He also had an ear infection and went on amoxicillin. He did fine with it until about ...


4T vs 4....?

J.T. asks from Philadelphia

Hello Everyone, I wanted to know if there's a big size difference between a 4T and a regular size 4? Thank you in advance.


Normal Weight for Kids- Don't Want to Impose Hollywoods Unrealistic Ideals!

C.Z. asks from Los Angeles

Most of my questions have been about my husband and his difficult ex, but there are other dynamics our family is facing. We have 3 children all together. Twin 6 year ...


4-Year-old Seems Obssesed with Food?

T.A. asks from Sacramento

okay, so i will start out by saying that i don't want any nasty e-mails telling me i am going to give my child an eating disorder. i already know this is a touchy sub...


Confusion with Toddler Clothing Sizes

A.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi mamas, My daughter is almost two years old and is starting to outgrow some of her 18 mo. clothing. So, what's the deal with sizes 24 mos. and 2T sizes? Which on...

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