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Cod Liver Oil?

B.J. asks from Provo

Okay, so I was approached by a very old lady at the doctor's office the other day who told me that my 19 month-old son is "not laying down calcium." I was only a litt...


Low Iron

M.D. asks from Providence

Hi Moms, The doctor told me today I have low iron. I tested 9.9 and should be at least an 11. Just wondering if I should be taking an iron supplement along with my ...


Have You Tried It?

F.M. asks from Lincoln

Hi all, Need to pick your brains.... so has anyone heard of Coenzyme q10 supplements? What do you think of them? Have you ever tried them for yourself or your kids...


Toddler Multi-vitamin Recommendations

J.S. asks from Green Bay

My 17-month old had low iron levels after routine testing at her 15-month appointment. With an iron supplement, she's now back to normal levels, and no longer needs t...


Seeking a Good Daily Vitamin

M.C. asks from Nashville

I am 28 years old and think that I would like to start taking a daily vitamin. My mother has osteoporosis and I know that I need to start a calcium supplement as well...


Which Formula Is BEST for My 11 Wk Old?

S.P. asks from Seattle

I currently am nursing & I don't have much time to pump during the day. I am wanting to supplement my baby with a formula for the times I need to be gone from her but...


Help! Severe Case of Herpes Simplex I on My 5 Yr. Old's Face We Can't Control!

S.M. asks from Columbus

My 5 yr. old son somehow got Herpes Simplex 2 when he was around 3. It took us a while to figure out that's what it was. It wasn't the traditional cold sores around...


Kids Won't Eat; Getting Deficiencies

J.O. asks from Detroit

My kids won't eat food. They will happily eat cupcakes and ice cream all day, or anything that's junk. And they only want to eat on the living room floor, which is g...


Looking for Other Moms of Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

M.R. asks from Richmond

Hi! My 26 month old son was recently diagnosed with the speech disorder Apraxia. He is getting speech therapy through Early Intervention. Anyone out there in the s...


Exzema/dry Skin on My 22 Month Old

L.S. asks from Seattle

my daughter has dry skin all over. Drier patches on her elbows and the back of her arms, her thighs and calves. She scratches her tummy and her upper and lower back...

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  • eating more iron rich foods in 2 answers "I would suggest a liquid supplement in addition to eating more iron rich foods (green ..."
  • poly vi sol in 3 answers "It's called Poly Vi Sol."
  • had low iron during my pregnancy in 2 answers "I also had low iron during my pregnancy with my son."
  • cod liver oil in 4 answers "I would use essential fatty acids. Cod liver oil from a pure source only like nordic ..."
  • dark leafy green in 2 answers "You can eat more of those dark leafy green veggies, like spinach, swiss chard, kale ..."