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Chronic (5 Years) Diarrhea, Celiac and Crohn's Ruled Out--any Insight?

Aug 22, 2009 ... It's a bacteria that infects your intestine and causes bad diarrhea. It is spread sometimes in nursing homes and hospitals. ...

Day 4 of Diarrhea - Please Give Me Hope...

Giardia usually causes watery stools so it is worthwhile to ask your pediatrician if the diarrhea is persistent and if your child is daycare exposed ...


I hope this helps you - just do some research on your own about various causes of diarrhea as the diet may be a big clue as to why this is happening. ...

Diarrhea Lasting for Weeks Help!!!

Our symptom is bad diarrhea. I would ask her doc to test for food allergies. Even if this is not the cause its good to know. 1 mom found this helpful ...

Persistent Diarrhea in My 4 1/2 Year Old

Food allergies of any kind can cause GI upset. ... one of those things that he has daily for a few days and see if it stops or slows down his diarrhea. ...


My 16 month old son has had VERY bad diarrhea for 7 days now. Started out with vomit, no fever and then watery green..." ... Causes of Diarrhea ...

Diarrhea Won't Go Away!

Read all 5 responses: "My 11 month old came down with a bout of diarrhea last ... Next question: How to Stop Diarrhea from Rotavirus ... Causes of Diarrhea ...

My Six Month Old Breastfed Baby Had Diarrhea

If your baby is lactose intolerant, it could also cause diarrhea, because he can not convert the sugars and then thy wind up in his intestines causing ...


As weird as this may sound when my kids would get diarrhea first of all you make sure the child is drinking plenty of fluids. .... Causes of Diarrhea ...

Diarrhea After Eating

You don't have to be vomiting to have a stomach bug you could be lower intestine which will strictly cause diarrhea. You don't have to eat while you're ...
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