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My 10 Mo. Old Has Had Some Diarrhea the past Couple of Days

Technically, teething does not cause diarrhea, just more frequent stools, probably from swallowing all the saliva. Bowel changes that frequent should ...

Baby with Diarrhea

Read all 12 responses: "Hello, My 11 month old daughter has had diarrhea for 4 days. I spoke with her pediatrician on day 2 and she ... Causes of Diarrhea ...

Toddler Diarrhea?

I have Celiac disease, which causes diarrhea. Basically I cannot eat anything with wheat gluten, but with children there are usually other symptoms, ...

15 Mo Old Daughter Has Had Loose Stool / Diarrhea for 4 Weeks

I don't have much to add, but I would warn that soy often causes diarrhea on its own, so it may be making the situation worse. Unless your child has had ...

Chronic (5 Years) Diarrhea, Celiac and Crohn's Ruled Out--any Insight?

Aug 22, 2009 ... It's a bacteria that infects your intestine and causes bad diarrhea. It is spread sometimes in nursing homes and hospitals. ...

11 Month Old Has Had Diarrhea for Almost a Month

Read all 13 responses: "My son started getting diarrhea on November 13 (about) and has had it for almost a month. I called the doctor ... Causes of Diarrhea ...

11 Month Old Has Had Diarrhea for Almost a Week. HELP!

My 2 yr old son had salmonella back in the summer & the diarrhea lasted almost 3 weeks. I know what you mean about it breaking your heart when it causes ...

Toddler Diarrhea

That may cause diarrhea... She's not showing signs of dehydration? hmmm... I guess I'd just take her back to the ped. The BRAT diet is all about feeding ...

Help with Baby Diarrhea

If the diarrhea has a distinctive smell and/or green - it could be that. time is the only way for it to pass. My son had it and it ... Causes of Diarrhea ...

My 2 Yr Old Has Major Diarrhea - Going on 2 Weeks Now!

sometimes my kids get sick with a virus that causes this, but the diarrhea doesn 't always go away very easily. I have found that the BRAT diet clears it up ...
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  • like roto virus in 2 answers "It sounds like roto-virus."
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