diarrhea after childbirth

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Seeking a Great OB/GYN

The Natural Birth & Women's Center 14140 Magnolia Blvd .... friend's child 2 years ago The day after I gave birth Dr Porter came to visit me in the hospital ...

11 Year Old Daughter with Shingles....

We have had no pain in the following years. yet, a year after I did feel some small shooting pain ... The pain is horrible, I'd say worse than childbirth. ...

Experience Giving Birth in Portland Hospitals?

I just gave birth at Good Sam two weeks ago to my first child. I had a natural birth and the staff was very supportive. We called a little after midnight to ...

Childbirth and Head Cold

You may not want to wear a mask initially as the bonding process happens in the first two hours after birth--seeing your face will be important for your ...

Enema During Labor

C.M. asks from San Francisco

I really am having anxiety about having a bm during delivery. I've never had an enema, and have read that there are really no benefits to having one before childbirth...


I Feel Terrible! Please Help Me.

J.W. asks from Chicago

Hello moms. I really could use your advice. I am 6 weeks pregnant with our second child and I am just miserable. I have nausea AND indigestion (if that's possible)...


Help I Think I Have IBS

H.F. asks from York

Hello ladies, I was wondering if anyone could help me with what i think is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) I have had it since the beginning of December. I went to my ...


Future Mom Terrified of Labor and Delivery

D.V. asks from Appleton

I am wondering if anyone out there can calm my strong fear of going through childbirth. I am 36 weeks this week with my first (and probably only child... read on......


Gall Bladder Troubles

J.W. asks from Richland

I have been having gall bladder attacks recently- pain under right side of rib cage, nausea, belching,and diarrhea. I've done some research online and found advice o...


Started Period Five Days Late, Ept Test Negative, Now Very Heavy Bleeding

T.S. asks from Denver

I am like clock work for my period. This month it came five days late. I took an ept test and it came out negative. Then I started spotting and the next morning it be...

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