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Best Diapers for Infant Girl.

We switched to Huggies supreme diapers during the day and use Huggies .... The only diapers my daughter didn't leak through overnight were the Huggies ...

Pampers Cruisers Vs. Baby Dry-- Huggies Supreme Vs. Regular

I am wondering.. are the "premium" diapers worth the expense?? Are the pampers cruiser better than the baby dry?? and are the huggies supreme better than ...

Looking for a Diaper That Does Not Leak

Now the only diaper & pull-ups we are able to use is Huggies Overnight diapers & Huggies Night time extra absorbency. And as long as I check him regularly ...

6 Mos Old Wetting Through Diaper at Night

My sweet 6 month old baby has been soaking through his diapers at night- every night without fail! I've tried the huggies overnights with a "maxi pad..."

Toddler Diaper Overflow Overnight

The other suggestion is Huggies overnight diapers. My 3 1/2 year old is still in diapers and although they are soaked in the morning, he has never had any ...

Diapers That Don't Leak Through

I was just wondering if I could get a few mom's opinions on what diapers don't leak. I currently use Huggies. It is hard for me because I dont have a washer ...

Kirkland Signature Diapers?

Has anyone used the Kirkland Signature diapers from Costco? If so, what do you think as far as comfort and leak protection? We currently use Pampers/Huggies ...

Anyone Ever Used the Kirkland Brand Diapers from Costco?

The company my husband works for, Kimberly-Clark, makes Kirkland Signature Diapers. They are basically the same as Huggies, with only a slight variation. ...

Which Diaper Holds the Most Liquid?

Her diaper is entirely soaked by morning and, unable to hold any more liquid, leaks and soaks her sleeper. I currently use a Huggies size 3 diaper. ...

Anyone Know Where I Can Find Huggies Overnights?

My son wear Huggies Overnights size 6, but I can only find them online. These are the only diapers that he doesn't soak through overnight. ...
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