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Bad Diaper Rash While Taking Antibiotics !!

It is probably a yeast infection diaper rash, you'll have to go tthe dr unless you have any Nystatin cream /ointment around the house. ...

Diaper Rash Vs. Yeast Infection

Read all 25 responses: "My 14 mo. old daughter has never had a diaper rash before now. She has had diarrhea for the past 24 hours or so.

Diaper Rash

My daughter took that same medication and got a terrible diaper rash. ... Next question: Need HELP for Severe Diaper Rash/yeast Infection ...

Severe Diaper Rash

Read all 8 responses: "My 10 month old has really bad diaper rash. ... If there's any possiblility it could be yeast, I found acidophilus to be really ...

Diaper Rash?

Nov 19, 2009 ... For the diaper rash which is actually a form of yeast I use Liquid Chlorophyll. First make sure the area is clean then soak a cotton ball ...

Aquaphor & Mylanta for Diaper Rash????

I would call your doctor tell them about the rash they might want to see her because it might be a yeast infection. If it is no amount diaper rash cream ...

Diaper Rash with Bumps?

My 21 month old has developed a bad diaper rash today. It is little red bumps and she says it itches. Is this a yeast infection? she does not have a ...

Bumpy Diaper Rash

Read all 14 responses: "My daughter has had fairly mild diaper rashes in the past ... But, possibly a yeast rash of sorts. My child had one once and the Dr. ...

Horrible Diaper Rash

My son ended up with a bad diaper rash like that. The doctor said it was actually a yeast infection on his bum. They told me to use Lotrimin, ...

Diaper Rash Advice

It might be a yeast infection rather than diaper rash.This sort of thing happened to my little girl.My pediatrician had me use Clotrimazole (in the athletes ...
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