diaper rash after diarrhea

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Please Help with the Worst Diaper Rash Ever

Hi J. - My son was on antibiotics that caused diarrhea and then he had really bad diaper rash. He was walking with his legs open because he was in such pain ...

Almost 2 Year Old with Intermittant Diarrhea Causing LARGE Blisters

Apr 23, 2009 ... Recently, she will wake up screaming after having diarrhea with large ... First do whatever diaper rash cream you like, then cover the area ...

8 Month Old with Diarrhea

I have used it on and off and we only had the one time diaper rash. .... I would put it on after every change, even if only wet, and just keep him slathered ...

Teething and Diarrhea

My 9 month old son has 4 teeth coming in on his upper gums and he has had diarrhea for the last 2 days which in turn has led to diaper rash. ...

Diarrhea in 4 Month Old

And of course he has a diaper rash to go with it. ... her go diaper free here and there throughout the day, slather on Aquafor after and put on the diaper. .... not sure what he is eating to cause teh diarrhea, but the diaper rash can ...

One Year Old with Diarrhea

I don't remember the age, but my daughter had consistent diarrhea and accompanying diaper rash when she was teething heavily. The older wiser daycare lady ...

8 Month Old with Diarrhea for Close to 2 Weeks Now

We have dealt with a few days of diarrhea and something that really helped the diaper rash is putting baking soda in my daughter's bath - it changes the ph ...


Hold back on the dairy until a few days after the diarrhea is gone. ..... I have used this on kids with severe diaper rashes due to diarrhea with medical ...

10 Month Old with BAD Diarrhea PLEASE HELP!!

Well the day after we were there she started with bad diarrhea, .... And remember diarrhea can lead to diaper rash so maintain a clean dry diaper as much as ...

Terrible Diaper Rash-poss. Yeast Infec. from Omnicef

If she has diarrhea, give her plenty of Pedialite, that, too will help with the fire down below. ..... REALLY Bad Diaper Rash After Taking Amoxicillan ...
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  • beudreauxs butt paste in 2 answers "... when he gets the bad rashes, I go to the Aquaphor...or Beudreaux's Butt Paste ..."
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  • use warm washcloths in 2 answers "I would use warm washcloths instead of wipes to clean him."
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