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Daughter Pulling off Diaper

My daughter thought that velcro sound was the funniest thing she ever heard.... so I had to resort to old fashioned diaper pins and plastic pants, ...

Plastic Pants for Swimming at the Reston Y

I recently joined the YMCA in Reston and they require both disposable swim diapers AND tight-fitting plastic pants for all children under 3. ...

2 Year Old Won't Leave Diaper On

HI, had this same problem with my son when he was little, granted i used cloth diapers and rubber pants, but was having the same problem getting him to ...

Diaper Change Fights

Its a real struggle to get a diaper on them. Sometimes I would give in and just let him run around with out one on for a bit or just no pants (getting the ...

Toddler Who WILL NOT Keep Clothes Ar a Diaper On!! Pees in Potty, Won't Poop....

Put duct tape on her diaper Ive never had a problem with that but Ive heard ... I would just put her in cotton underwear training pants during the day Yes ...

The Great Diaper Debate

Read all 11 responses: "We currently use G-diapers for our 10 week old daughter. ... I planned to buy 6-8 of the medium g pants as she'll be in them longer ...

Diapers Leaking

You may want to try the smallest size in the "Goodnites" brand diapers/training pants. They worked WONDERS for both girls... especially my older one who was ...

Taking Diaper off and Peeing in Bed

My son is a little better, but my daughter will take her pants and diaper off any time, any day, so we use onesies all day. The Carter's 24 months fit them ...

Cloth Training Pants

They have a variety of cloth diapers and training pants. They are not the most economical, but they are washable and made of very high quality. ...

Potty Training

Take a couple days to just be home and close to a potty Put underwear on him and go cold turkeyno more diaperstraining pants Praise and reward him after ...
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  • cutting the feet out of a sleeper in 2 answers "You might also try cutting the feet out of a sleeper and put it on him backwards."
  • put a zip up sleeper in 2 answers "I've also heard the suggestion to put a zip-up sleeper on backwards works great - kind ..."
  • variety of cloth diapers in 2 answers "Meredith, Check out www.babyworks.com. They have a variety of cloth diapers and training ..."
  • duct tape in 6 answers "I also heard that duct tape around the diaper keeps them on."
  • duct tape in 3 answers "I know this sounds a little weird, but duct tape works!"