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Diaper Garbages

Diaper Genie II works great! The only time I smell it is when I open it to change ... I've used the Diaper Genie and have friends that have used other ones . ...

Diaper "Champ"

We had a diaper genie, which I think is about the same thing. With baby #2, I just took out the diapers once a day. But while I was using the genie, ...

Do Diaper Genies Work?

It is my experiance that if you get a diaper genie that individually wraps .... I didn't buy the diaper genie from advice from another mom, it does work ...

Diaper Disposal

Try the Diaper Genie. It runs about $30. You can get one at Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, etc. Babies R Us even has several "knock-off" products that are ...

Looking for a Better Diaper Pail

I have used a Diaper Genie for the past two years and I have never really liked it. ... I got a Diaper Genie when I was pregnant with my first son. ...

What to Add/leave off Baby Registry?

Yes leave off the diaper genie & wipe warmers & other gadgets. ... i have to diagree about the diaper genie. we have one and i love it! i would only ...

It Smells Pooey in Here!

I have a diaper genie II, and I love it.... The best thing ever as long as you ... My nursery workers hated the diaper genie and so did I, but for stinky ...

Experience with Diapar Genies

I used a Diaper Genie for my first child. It was great! ... i liked my diaper genie when my boys were newborns and could hold a good amount of their diapers ...

Opinion on Diaper Pails

Read all 15 responses: "I'm looking to see what people thought of there diaper pails. We had the diaper genie for our son. I didn't think it really worked.

Stinky Diaper Pail Making Me Gag

Anyways, we had the same problem with our diaper genie. My son's room always had a odor too, even if the thing was tightly sealed. Maybe try a plug-in room ...
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