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What Do You Do for Diaper Rash?

You didn't mention but do you use a diaper cream after every change? ... We use Burts Bees diaper rash cream & it works quickly! Helpful? ...

My Four Month Old Doesnt Cry with Diaper Rash

Oct 17, 2009 ... The best over the counter thing I found for diaper rash is Aveeno diaper rash cream. It's amazing! If you are still having a hard time with ...

Diaper rash-HELP!

SMITHS DIAPER CREAM all the way. You may want to mix it with Lotrimin (spelling? ?) also in case the antibiotics are creating a yeast infection. ...

Bumpy Diaper Rash

I found a great diaper rash cream. I used balmex and desitin all through my first son's infancy, but my second son, born in June 2007 developed a bad rash ...

Diaper Rash in 3 Week Old

Oct 9, 2009 ... With my last, I had vaseline, but I also then tried Aveeno diaper rash cream. That worked well for her. I would also suggest to try to let ...

Diaper Rash

You need to slather her in diaper rash cream....not the creamy kind, the thick kind and a lot of it and try not to wipe it off each time you cange her and ...

Can Formula Cause Diaper Rash for a Breastfed Baby?

I would try Dr. Smith's diaper rash cream... i have used that with both my children (6 yrs and 15 months) and they responded wonderfully. ...

Rash on Back of Knees- Yeast?

I would try some diaper rash cream on it. It protects skin from moisture and ... I would try the cream for the diaper area, just make sure to do it for the ...

Diaper Rash vs Yeast Infection

Other times I really like either Dr Smith's diaper cream or Budreuax's Butt patse. Baths in baking soda are very soothing. It sounds weird, but blow drying ...

Can Disposable Diapers Burn a Baby's Skin?

It sounds more likely that she has a spot of diaper rash from the extra wetness. Use diaper cream on the area and let air get at it for a few hours. ...
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  • smiths diaper cream in 2 answers "I loved Dr. Smith's Diaper cream with my first!!! I also used Boudreaux's Butt Paste ..."
  • certain brands of diapers in 3 answers "My daughter gets a rash every time we put her in certain brands of diapers."
  • kirkland brand diapers in 2 answers "I love the Kirkland brand diapers and wipes have never had a problem since."
  • yeast like fungus in 2 answers "and just for the record, candida is not a yeast-like fungus."
  • lotramin 2 times in 2 answers "sounds like it could be yeast!Lotramin 2 times a day for 7 days!"