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Where Can I Get a Barney Cake?

Hi, in the Perry Hall are they have a store called Cake Cottage and they usually have a ... birthday cakes · best cake · diaper cakes · online invitations ...

Baby Shower Games for Twins

One last one would be guess what is in the diaper cake or how many diaper are in the diaper cake. I actaully sell them, so I know that many people do this, ...

Baby Shower Cake Needed

not edible cakes, but very cute diaper cakes!! can personalize as well!! lots of other adorable baby stuff too! precious tutu's! 1 mom found this helpful ...

Ideas for Baby Shower Gift

diaper cakes in 2 answers "I hand-stamp children's apparel and make ... The best baby shower gift I ever participated in and received is a diaper cake. ...

Baby Shower Ideas?

Make sure the mom receive a diaper cake, they are cute. Also there is something call the "Baby Hoagi". make these things yourself. ...

Baby Shower Gift

Oct 29, 2009 ... How about a diaper cake! I used to have a business making diaper cakes and sold lots of them, it was always the mom's favorite gift! ...

Baby Shower Favors

My sister and I do amazingly cute diaper cakes for baby showers. We also make matching corsages for the mom to be to wear. ...

Baby Shower

I always like making diaper cakes. The diapers are reusable and it makes a great center piece. Try to google it and it should give you step by step ...

1St Birthday Party

Can anyone recommend a bakery that will make beautiful b-day cakes? ... I also bought her the personalised t-shirt and diaper cover. ...

Looking for Great Baby Shower Ideas

I also do large diaper cakes which are great gifts, centerpieces and can be a game ... For my SIL's shower I made a diaper cake... it turned out soo cute, ...
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