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No Bake Desserts

L.O. asks from Denver

It is summertime and really really hot if you haven't noticed. We are striving to keep our 3 bdrm 3rd floor apt cool but the ac runs all day and barely keeps it aroun...


Random Paleo Question

C.H. asks from Denver

JFF: I am hearing so much about the Paleo Diet (& forgive my lack of knowledge) it is touted as being healthy, which by all accounts it seems to be. I have two lingeri...


Share You Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe!!!

T.F. asks from Orlando

My mother-in-law is bringing the turkey (thank goodness) but I'm hosting Thanksgiving. I HATE to cook so it's a big joke in the family that I'm the only one who "can't...


Need a Gluten Free, Diary Free Desert Recipe, Please.

C.D. asks from Dallas

A couple is coming over for dinner for their anniversary. She is gluten free and dairy free. I need a dessert recipe if anyone can share one that fits those requirem...


Boiled Sweet potato...what to Do with It?

P.B. asks from Spartanburg

Hi Mamas! So I bought this sweet potato which I have boiled until tender and when I tasted it I was not pleased :-( Not only is it not sweet at all, but it's also star...


Wheat/Gluten Allergy - Baking Advice

L.G. asks from Seattle

My grandson, who is seven, has been diagnosed to be allergic to wheat/gluten products. I am trying to bake gluten/wheat-free things for him that he can eat and enjoy ...


Seeking Moms with Interesting Ideas About Desserts & Candy/family

D.H. asks from Philadelphia

I used to be nice and slim, etc. Over the years I'm sure I put on some weight, but not enough that I was afraid to step on the scales that much. Now, with a husband ...


Passion Food?

B.S. asks from San Diego

Okay ladies, my friends and I are having a passion party and I need an idea or two for food. I want to make a dessert or something that could be fun and entertaining a...



H.B. asks from Milwaukee

So mamas i need your help. We have a chocolate allergy and just tried carob for the first time today. it was very bitter and i was wondering if anyone knew how to ma...


Favorite Fall Soups or Stews

R.A. asks from Boston

I'm looking to adds some good soup recipes for this fall. Any and all recipes are wanted and appreciated.. Wow! Such great responses. I'm gonna be busy. The house...

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  • 4 cup tapioca flour in 2 answers "... bowl - so experiment until you get it right for you. 1/4 cup Tapioca flour ..."
  • bobs red mill makes in 2 answers "Also: Bob's Red Mill makes a gluten free pancake mix that our family likes."
  • cups brown rice flour in 2 answers "... Ingredients: 1½ cups brown rice flour ..."
  • teaspoons xanthan gum in 2 answers "... milk powder (dairy-free: 2/3 cup ground almond meal) 3 teaspoons xanthan gum ..."
  • brown rice flour cup in 2 answers "... Ingredients: 1½ cups brown rice flour ½ cup ..."