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Diaper Rash

Original Desitin, it has a higher content of zinc oxide then desitin creamy (I think the original one has 40% and creamy 10%) I would use creamy desitin on ...

What Do You Use for a Mild Diaper Rash??

The nurse that came out after I had my son suggested Desitin CREAMY. It's hard to wipe off when it dries, but OMG it works AWESOME! ...

Itchy Diaper Rash

Try Desitin Creamy. Both my kids would get these horrible red, open sores on their butts sometimes. The Creamy doesn't have the odor of the regular Desitin, ...

Need Help in Resolving Diaper Rash/redness

I also took desitin creamy and vaseline with me for her use at daycare with ... I've found that the original Desitin (not the creamy version) works best on ...

Diaper Rash in 3 Week Old

Oct 9, 2009 ... On my son I used Desitin overnight creamy like the other mother suggested and I loved it; to this day it really was the only thing that ...

Diaper Rash

Then I laid on the Desitin EXTRA creamy. I had tried the butt paste and the other .... Desitin creamy--also the nighttime seem to always work for my son. ...

Best Diaper Rash Cream and Baby Wipes?

I like Dr. Smiths and Desitin in the purple box, NOT the creamy kind. ... Desitin (NOT DESITIN CREAMY) has the most zinc oxide that Ive found and usually ...

Diaper Rash

Use Desitin Creamy and then cover that with vaseline; and be VERY generous with them both. Within a couple of days, he was all cleared up. Good luck! ...

Diaper Rash

Get an antifungal cream like athlete's foot cream, and mix it in a separate tupperware container with the Desitin Original (the Desitin Creamy doesn't stay ...

Diaper Rash! Help!

I've tried several differnt ointments the first time my son had a bad diaper rash and found that Desitin Creamy worked quickly and the best. ...
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