desitin and jock itch

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Diaper Rash That Never Wants to Go Away!

Every diaper change I use the desitin & powder, but it never seems to help ..... I also have used the jock itch cream when my son had it,that is what my dr ...

Ring Worm?!

... keep it from returningDesitin with Zinc helps the immune system resist FYI .... is terbinafineLamisil they sell it as a cream labeled to treat jock itch ...

Diaper Rash?

... on a diaper, use Lotrmin AF (like used for jock itch and athlete's foot). ..... I also used desitin original for a general rash and as it would get ...

I Need Diaper Rash Help!

One for jock itch and one for athlete's foot. Lotrimin works like magic. .... I know that Desitin creamy is supposed to be really good, but the Butt Paste ...

Reocurring Diaper Rash

Also, treating a rash I've used Desitin, Aquaphor, or Burts Bees Diaper Rash Cream ... Like you would get for athletes foot or Jock Itch. I usually get the ...

Serious Case of Diaper Rash & Di

The only thing I use for diaper rash is Desitin, in the original form. ... My doctor recommended mixing the cream that men use for jock itch (i think it's ...

Diaper Rash

Try something like Lamisil for jock itch, it combats yeast problems. .... His dr gave us wescortt creame and it helps SOME and I use desitin like crazy! ...

Diaper Rash

Any kind of anti-fungal (jock itch/athlete's foot) creme works really well. ... I've always used Desitin with my kids and it seems to work like magic. ...

Bleeding Diaper Rash

Desitin is like the god of diaper rash! I used it on my son and he just ... You can also use jock itch cream, but I would talk to your doc about that first. ...

Need Help with Diaper Rash

Jock itch cream. My daughter had a rash that wouldnt go away. Took her to the dr . they ..... It may just need air and no moist coverings - like Desitin. ...
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