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Maternity Clothes

R.F. asks from Detroit

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I'm trying to find a baby shower dress and other spring clothes. It seems like I can't find decent prices on maternity clothes. I've been ...


Xs Maternity Clothes

E.T. asks from Dallas

does anyone know of good places to find inexpensive maternity clothes in size xs? i have some old navy stuff from my 1st pregnancy that is just falling apart, so i'm...


Quality Online Maternity Clothes?

S.B. asks from Kansas City

Hi All! I bumbled my way through my first pregnancy with a conspicuous lack of maternity clothes. Now at age 42 I am unexpectedly pregnant again, and unwilling to g...


Where to Find Tall Maternity Jeans

K.J. asks from Nashville

Does anyone know of an affordable store/online shop where I can buy maternity jeans that are long? I am 5'11'' and have a terrible time finding jeans that don't show...


Favorite Maternity Jeans?

H.M. asks from Indianapolis

Okay, you'd think after 2 pregnancies I would have found it by now, but I haven't! I'm looking for the "perfect" pair of maternity jeans (and other pants while we're...


Looking for Inexpensive Yet Trendy Maternity Clothes

K.C. asks from Las Vegas

I was wondering if there are any Maternity consignment shops that I could find some maternity clothes at. I tried Ross and Savers but didn't really have much luck. ...


What Did You Do with Your Old Maternity Clothes and Clothes Baby Outgrows?

M.O. asks from Chicago

I can't decide if I should donate it, bother with eBay and know I don't want to have another garage sale (clothes are such a hassle). What did you do with your old m...


Can I Just Wear Regular Pants Instead of Maternity?

A.G. asks from Pocatello

So I have had two kids already and now I'm pregnant with my third. I am a very small framed person and with each baby I have gotten thinner. With my first two pregnan...


Childrens' Consignment Stores

J.S. asks from Miami

I'm looking for children's consignment stores in South Florida. I know of one in Fort Lauderdale, called KIDZ EXCHANGE, which is pretty good, but I would like one tha...


Nursing Wear While Pregnant

A.P. asks from New York

I'm pregnant and nursing my 9 month old and was wondering if anyone had any advice on Maternity wear that is easy to nurse in? I'm going to be facing this problem soon.

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