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Expenses of a Teen with No Job

In 7th grade every one began wearing designer jeans, and it only took me one pair to realize these things weren't needed. My parent's money rule was; ...

Seeking Advice Re: Stepdaughter Who Keeps Leaving Burning Candles Unattended

Also, since you already agreed to allowing the candles, I think replacing them with something she really likes - like designer jeans or something she ...

Plantar Fascitis

And, this is coming from someone who only wears designer jeans and fabulous shoes!!! I HIGHLY recommend them! Also, I would go to a birkenstock shoe store ...

Having Trouble Juggling Family, Work and School

He gets a 'job' over the summer but then blows all the money on expensive designer jeans or clothes. He thought he'd come outa film school & jobs working on ...

Should We Have More Children?

Just know that Disneyland and designer jeans don't equal happiness. They are cool sure, but in the long run they don't matter much at all. Helpful? ...

Clothing Suggestion

I have discovered at target they have a brand of jeans that have an adjustable waist. ... Old Nvay and some target and walmart jeans as well have an elastic ...

How to Dress for a Cocktail Party

I can always find really nice designer clothing for a good price. .... house then you could get away with some nice slacks (NO JEANS) and a dress up shirt. ...

Holes in Clothing

I end up with holes right at my waist, probably from my jeans, but also in AZ we have ... I now wash all the jeans in one load and my shirts in another. ...

Has Anyone Sold to Once upon a Child?

Can anyone tell me what you can get for a good pair of jeans or t-shirt? I'm trying to figure if this is how I can get the most for them. ...

Best Clothes for Newborns?

While baby jeans, khakis and overalls are really cute, they're not completely practical because they take way too long to put on (and take off when changing ...
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