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Postpartum Depression

C.A. asks from Dallas

I read the book by Brooke Shields called Down Came the Rain many years ago. It was so good and I highly recommend it. I had postpartum depression after the birth o...


Symptons of Depression

C.C. asks from Houston

Have you been diagnosed with depression? If you have...what kind of symptons were you loss of appetite or wanting to sleep all the time. I'd like to ...


Depression and Anxiety

B.A. asks from Toledo

I have recently been prescribed Effexor for Anxioty and Depression. At first i thought it was working but have lately felt overwhelmed with Anxioty again. I think som...


Postpartum Depression

B.M. asks from Kansas City

My daughter is almost 2 years old but I feel like I am still suffering from postpartum depression. Could it be that or is it just depression? I didn't complete my tre...


Child Depression

S.R. asks from Fayetteville

My oldest daughter is 7 and a half and her father (my husband) is deployed. This is our first deployment, though he has been away for months a time for school and per...


Depression and Anxiety

B.C. asks from Dallas

I have a problem with depression and anxiety and my mother wants me to see a doctor. Have any of you went through this? I'm ashamed to see a doctor about this, I don'...


Postpartum Depression

A.D. asks from Dallas

My friend had a preemie baby after 30 weeks preganancy, after a very difficult pregancy. Baby is doing good but she is suffering badly with postpartum depression and ...


Daughter in Depression?

M.S. asks from Portland

I have an 11.5 year old daughter who seems depressed. I am not sure if it is depression or just normal puberty stuff. She started her period a couple of months ago an...


Depression and Pregnancy

K.B. asks from Philadelphia

I am pregnant with my first baby and due in April. I have suffered from depression for many years and therefor have been taking medication for it. The medication ...


Postpartum Depression

C.R. asks from Minneapolis

Just wanting to see if anyone can give me feedback on how you may have dealt with PostPartum Depression. I am a first time Mom, in my late 30's, with a 4 month old. ...

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