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Dealing with Depression While Pregnant

I also suffer from depression. I just had my third child and could not go with out medication this pregnacy. I went on Zoloft 3 months into my pregnancy and ...

Does Medication Held?

hello A. my names T. , i know what your going through , i have been on different medications for depression, one thing i can tell you is dont let him put ...

Postpartum Depression

Since I struggled with depression in my past they went ahead and put me on zoloft before I even had him. .... depression medication · cause depression ...

What Are My Options for Postpartum Depression.

I have had a past of depression before but always knew how to handle "everyday depression" as I call it, .... anti depressants · depression medication ...

Thinking of Taking Medication for Post Pardom Depression - Need Advice

Read all 11 responses: "I will be having baby #2 in a couple months. After my first child, i was pretty depressed for a long time. A nurse suggested taking ...

Getting off Depression Med's for Pregnancy

One thing that you get to know is that any medication that you take will not affect the baby until you know ... "Anti-depression & Anti-anxiety Medications" ...


I was diagnosed with post partum depression over a year ago when my son was about 6 months old.... I'm on medication to help me cope and generally doing ...

Postpartum Depression After 1 Year of Giving Birth?

Read all 6 responses: "Has anyone ever experienced postpartum depression ... I was on medication once in my 20s and they do help if you need them. dont be ...

Post Partum Depression

In addition, I feel like the medication isn't going to solve the real problem which is that my husband isn't .... depression medication · post pregnancy ...

Medication for Activity

If medication helps him get there, it is not a life sentence. For what he's been through, how could he not be suffering from anxiety and depression? ...
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  • post partum depression in 5 answers "I had a post partum depression(PPD) with my first child and tried for number two."
  • post partum depression in 2 answers "... it and feel better than I did before I had my son. With post-partum depression ..."
  • post partum depression in 2 answers "I strongly suggest it!!!! I had post partum depression and didn't take anything with ..."
  • suffered from depression in 3 answers "If you have suffered from depression before pregnancy naturally it would get worse ..."
  • had ppd with my second in 2 answers "... do not jump onto the medication until you NEED it. I had PPD with my second ..."