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I would simply let her know you are available to talk and help her in any way you can. I have battled depression for years upon years. ...

Please Help Me, Help My Friend

definetly sounds like post partum depression... her ob/gyn can put her in touch with someone who can get her on some meds/therapy to help her through this. ...

Breast Feeding While on Depression Medication

I had pp depression with my last child pretty bad and my midwife put me on lexapro and said ... zoloft · depression support group · depression self help ...

Late Postpartum Depression

I regret waiting so long to get help...I missed so much in my fog of depression. It's worth the expense to feel better. Also consider checking out providers ...

Is This Post Partum Depression and What Should I Do?

Any more, it's more common for folks to ask for that depression help. And it's more common to talk about in social situations. Recently (over the past five ...

Irritable Uterus and Depression?

These can help depression, but if they don't work please talk to your dr. I know it's tough, but you can make it through this. ...


I have been through depression wanting another child, but in the best interest I am not going too. Medicines help but other resources can help like talking ...

Something to Help with Mild Depression

Read all 5 responses: "Hey I was just wondering what some of you have used to take the edge off? My husband is unemployed and the search for a job has been ...

Postpartum Depression

you can call your ob doctor and they can send you in the right direction. they deal with this all the time. maybe a anti-depression medicine wil help you. ...

Do I Need to Take Depression Medication???

Psychiatrists are going to more trained in depression than your family doctor and will certainly be able to help you more than your family doctor can. ...
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