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I have anxiety and depression and have to be on 150mg of Effexor XR probably for the rest of my life. It's genetic and I tried going off my meds, too, ...

Safe Anti-anxiety Medication While Breastfeeding?

But anyone who has resorted to perscription meds to treat an emotional or " mental" (depression, anxiety, PMS) disorder needs nothing but support for ...

Anxiety Meds

depression and anxiety in 2 answers "I have a history of depression and anxiety, and I always erred on the safe side by ..." ...

Dealing with Depression While Pregnant

I have suffered on and off with depression and anxiety for years. Medications did not make me feel better. When I became pregnant, I decided to go to a ...

Depression and Depo Provera

I to was on the Depo shot I was on it for 2 years or so and was having a terrible time with depression and anxiety and effection (I didn't like receiving or ...

Depression During Pregnancy

Read all 6 responses: "Has anyone experienced depression during their pregnancy? My unborn baby's father left 2 months ... Post Partum Depression/Anxiety ...

Still Looking for a Post-partum Anxiety Therapist...

Two friends of mine who suffered from post-partum depression and anxiety saw this therapist-they both highly recommend her. I know she isn't in SE, ...

Anxiety Medication While Breastfeeding

I have struggled with severe anxiety and breastfed my baby for 10 months while on 50 mg of zoloft. .... breastfeeding baby · depression and anxiety ...

Postpartum Anxiety

Aug 17, 2009 ... I had terrible postpartum anxiety, depression, OCD. Who knew they all existed? I also had post-traumatic stress from my delivery. ...

Help with My Daughter's Anxiety...

We have a family history of anxiety and depression and I've seen it go from ... All three of my boys and I are on meds for anxiety and depression, ...
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  • post partum depression in 5 answers "I had a post partum depression(PPD) with my first child and tried for number two."
  • post partum anxiety in 3 answers "I had very severe post-partum anxiety with my first son."
  • post partum depression in 2 answers "I would watch for Post Partum Depression and then definetely get help...Remember ..."
  • anti anxiety medication in 2 answers "... where my son's comes from) we had to put him an an anti-anxiety medication ..."
  • suffered from depression in 3 answers "If you have suffered from depression before pregnancy naturally it would get worse ..."