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Walking Pneumonia

It depends on your symptoms but can only be completely diagnosed by an x-ray. Usually the doctor or nurse pract. will listen to your lungs and will listen ...

Cricut Cartridges - Choosing the Best One's?

So really it depends on what you are doing with it. I have about 9 carts and I have not ... I agree with everyone who said it depends what you want it for. ...


But I've learned to realize that HAPPINESS DOES NOT DEPEND ON WHAT HAPPENS ... them that you are going to depend upon them to tell you ideas they have about ...

Anyone Currently Using a Dependant Care Account?

The Dependent Care Accounts do not work like the Medical Care account if you are ... For us it was more benefitial to have the dependent care account. ...

College Graduation Money Gift

This would totally depend on your family and your financial situation. ... What this truly depends upon is what your family can afford. ...

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Baby? :)

(Of course this depends on your doctor's policy and whether or not any ... Birth costs really depend on if you are using a hospital or a birth center or ...

Car Seat for Airplane Travel

I guess it depends on your situation as I read through the previous posts because we have really started to enjoy our son having his own seat. ...

When Can a Baby Have Crackers, Solids, Etc..

The answer depends totally on how well your baby chews & swallows. ... Mostly it will depend on your child. Have fun with this stage. ...

*Seeking Advice on Potty Training a Girl with Spina Bifida

Aug 27, 2009 ... It would be dependent on her ability to control the muscles of her bowel and ... I don't a lot about this ability hindrance but think it would depend on if ...

Relocating and Confused with What Area to Move To

It all depends on what you are looking for in a neighborhood and town. ... It also will depend on how much of a commute you want, my DH has worked in the ...
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