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They Want to Take My Sons Teeth Out, I Am Freaking Out

Thank you everyone for your comments, we just went back to the dentist and we are going to keep our eyes on the teeth and try to keep them as long as we can ...

First Dentist Appointment

I have NEVER heard of taking a child to the dentist when their first tooth comes in!? Our daughter was good about letting us brush her teeth, ...

6Year-old's Permanent Teeth Growing in Brown on the Bottom by Gumline

Just discuss it with your dentist and get second and third opinions, if you feel it's necessary. Lots of people have problems with their teeth for reasons ...

Bleeding Gums & Chipping Teeth

I would talk to your child's pediatrician and maybe call some ped dentists. Chipping teeth and bleeding gums seem out of the ordinary. ...

Should I Get My Baby Tooth Pulled?

Aug 13, 2009 ... When I was 14 or 15, my dentist told me I had a baby tooth left and the adult tooth was above it. He told me we could leave leave it or if ...

Need a Dentist & Oral Surgeon

He's the best dentist I've found hands down. His office is off of Eastlake Rd. I had my wisdom teeth taken out recently by Dr. Deborah Brown. ...

Tooth Loss

The tooth fell out tonight before dinner. It wasn't bloody at all, so I am pretty sure it was ready to fall out. I am going to keep his dentist appointment ...

Six Teeth to Be Pulled

I talked the good things, like how it tickles when the dentist cleans teeth, the toothbrush and stickers at the end of the visit. ...

Toddler Grinding Teeth

I've tried to point out not to grind his teeth, and said if he does i'll have to take him to the dentist. Since he doesn't like the dentist, however I don't ...

5 Year Old Grinding Teeth at Night.......

His pediatric dentist said it is quite common and nothing to worry about with the baby teeth. If it continues with adult teeth, you can fit him with a night ...
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  • grind their teeth in 2 answers "i am a dental hygienist and have seen lots of children who grind their teeth."
  • some pediatric dentists in 2 answers "I would try calling around to some pediatric dentists in your area or ask your pedi."
  • get a second opinion in 3 answers "Candice, You could always get a second opinion."
  • tooth fairy in 3 answers "It is fun to be the tooth fairy, enjoy, these are the fun years!"
  • pediatric dentistry in 3 answers "Columbus Pediatric dentistry... ###-###-#### she'll at least take a look for you."