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Advice on Airport Security- Son with Feeding Tube

V.K. asks from Atlanta

My 15 yr old son recently had a feeding tube placed and this is our first time traveling with it. (we are seasoned flyers) I have read the TSA regulations about car...


23 Month Baby Girl Bow Legged

J.C. asks from San Diego

My almost 23 months girl is bow legged. When she is standing still, she looks ok except her knees slightly closer together than her feet, When she walks, her bow legs...


My Kid Puts One Foot in When She Walks!

A.G. asks from New York

My 2-year-old girl puts her left foot in when she walks, and I realized that she also trips because of it. I talked to her pediatrician and he told me to leave it alo...


Pigeon Toed or In-toeing Information.

M.L. asks from Minneapolis

Hello. I am wondering if there is anyone with information about young children who are pigeoned toed (feet turn in) or as they call it today (in-toeing.) Our 20 mont...


Have You Met Anyone Famous?

C.J. asks from Milwaukee

I was going thru a friends "Celebrity Skin" photo album and can't believe how many famous people his job has allowed him (and me) to meet. Have you ever met any...


Having a Hard Time Losing Weight? Any Ideas?

K.P. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi ladies! I am in need of some desperate help here. I am trying so hard to lose the baby weight I have accumulated these last 4 years and the weight does not seem to...

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