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House Cleaning Mom

R.W. asks from Dallas

I am a mom that started a cleaning business earlier this year, is it normal that now that I clean other people's homes, I don't feel like cleaning mine? LOL How do ot...


Anyone Interested in a Cleaning Lady?

L. asks from Minneapolis

My father is working with a woman from Equador to help her with her English and she is looking for some cleaning jobs. She has good references and experience. She c...


How Much to Pay Cleaning Person?

M.P. asks from Green Bay

My family is going on vacation and I asked my sister-in-law (who LOVES cleaning) if she would be interested in cleaning my house while we are gone. I would love noth...


What Is the Standard Rate of House Cleaning in Dallas

D.K. asks from Dallas

I had bought a couple for a green cleaning service a few months ago and went to schedule them. But they are now asking a surcharge for just about everything from a sl...


I Need a Cleaning Schedule That Works

K.H. asks from Salt Lake City

How does everyone spread out there house cleaning during the week. I just cant seem to figure out a good plan. I feel like all I ever do is clean and I don't have tim...


If You Have a Cleaning Lady ... Lower Your Expectations?

☼.S. asks from San Diego

Hey ladies, I hired a cleaning lady a few months ago for the first time ever because I work full time and was tired of spending my weekends cleaning. She comes ever...


Cleaning Person for Very Dirty Home!

J.W. asks from Dallas

Hello Ladies! We are buying a home that is in need of a very deep clean. The current owner is elderly, a little senile and has cats and dogs. I don't know the last...


Cleaning My Leather Couches

T.W. asks from Denver

I have cream colored leather couches that my husband and I bought a few years before we ever thought we would have kids. We spent a lot of money on them and they have...


Cleaning a New House Before Moving In

M.T. asks from Milwaukee

My family is getting ready to move into a new house. I want to clean it really well before we move in (we have 2 small children). Most likely, I will be doing all ...


Cleaning in South Arlington Needed

G.S. asks from Dallas

I have been having a hard time finding the energy to keep up with the housework now that I'm pregnant. I am looking for someone to come in and do the deep cleaning o...

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