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Credit Cards Debit

Gives you a plan to get rid of debt- save more and invest for future. I am a stay at home Mom mostly and it took us 2 yrs to pay off our debts- but now we ...

Wanting to Know How SAHM Manage Financially

Then we got a consolidated loan for our unsecured debt that came with a lower interest rate and guaranteed a payoff of that debt in four years instead of 24 ...

Financial Issues

You could use your tax refund to pay off some of your credit card debt or catch up on your mortgage. Also, when I get my credit cards too high, I take them ...

Any Great Budget Suggestions??

I got many tips on how to reduce speding and cut down on debt. ... I would make one of them my target payoff and pay minimum on the rest of the cards and ...

He Has as Good as Credit as You Can Get... I Have the Worst - What Happens When

If it is your debt from a previous mariage, make sure it wasn't ... what they can do to help you raise your credit or help you to pay off your balances. ...

Teaching Children About Money.

When we found ourselves $45000 in debt three years ago we were pretty shocked by ... like trusting and the payoff that comes from diligence and hard work, ...

Vehicle Financial Problems

... TO FILE CHAPTER 7WHICH WIPES AWAY ALL YOUR DEBT WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY IT ... I would try and sell it for the payoff or find someone to finance it in ...

Where to Get the Money

Good news you're debt free, and have your expenses down to the essentials. .... (interest rates are quite low) pay off your car and afford an apartment for ...

Financial Advise

We are deeply in debt and my husband is in sales. To say the least, ..... close some credit accounts and make arrangements for a slow payoff. Helpful? ...

Husband Court Ordered to Pay Car Paymen

... my ex showed up with a reciept of a bank check for the payoff amount on car. .... My debt was about 8000 and all I had to pay was 104.00 every payday. ...
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