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Sorry!!! I Am Looking for a Good Midwife and Hospital to Deliver My Baby.

E.R. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I should off been more specific on what I am looking for. I had a midwife for both my kids and I loved them. I also had natural labor for both my kids ...


Looking for a Great OB/GYN (Preferrably Female) in or near Evanston/Northshore

M. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a new OB/GYN since relocating from the San Francisco area over a year ago. I prefer someone who is open to alternative holistic approaches when appr...


Seeking a New OB/GYN in Evanston or Chicago North Area

C.J. asks from Chicago

My OB/GYN is wonderful but leaving Chicago and I am left to find someone new, mid-pregnancy. I am sad, feeling I can never replace this person who is incredibly warm,...


Water Birth And/or Hypno-birthing

S.P. asks from Indianapolis

Hi all. I am looking into both options. Anyone have experience with either. Baby #1 was a natural birth, but the most painful part was when I was in the bed instea...


Home Birth Pros and Cons

A.W. asks from Chicago

I'm committed to a natural delivery. I always thought I'd deliver in a hospital but recently watched The Business of Being Born and it really changed my view of home...


Advice on Changing My Ob Gyn Mid Pregnancy

A.R. asks from Chicago

I am wondering if anyone has experience or thoughts on changing a OB gyn mid pregnancy. I am twenty weeks pregnant with my first child and as you can imagaine this is...

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